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Lifecycle Check-Up at Motorama Jeep

Get Your Lifecycle Check-Up Done

What is Motorama Jeep's Lifecycle Check-Up?

As your Jeep gets older, you might have a few questions about the associated future costs of maintaining it. Our Lifecycle Check-Up answers a few of the most commonly asked questions. 

  • When does my warranty expire?
  • How much do I owe on my loan?
  • What are my upcoming servicing costs?
  • What would it cost to change cars?
  • What's my car worth?

At your Lifecycle Check-Up, you'll receive specialised information prepared for you and your Jeep, at it's current stage of your ownership cycle.

Coming in for service? Just mention you would like a complimentary Lifecycle Checkup when booking your next service & we can run through it whilst your waiting for your car!

Who Are You?

Who Are You?

The Upsizer

Is your current car too small?  The family is growing, the car seats are multiplying and you find packing the car for your holiday is like a game of tetris, trying to make everything fit. 

A LifeCycle Check up can help you understand how much it will cost to upgrade or upsize your car - be it to another model or simply, say the 7 seat model. 

Who Are You?

The Downsizer

Is your current car too big?  The family have left and you are no longer needed as Mum or Dad's taxi service?  Tired of the big fuel bills? 

We can help you understand how much you can save by driving a smaller model that is more in line with your current needs.

Who Are You?

The Upgrader

Do you like to have the latest model with all the modern conveniences?  Do you like to be under factory warranty & within the Capped Price Servicing program. 

A LifeCycle Check up can help you understand what the cost is to change to the newer model - it's often much less then you think & often you can be driving in a new car again for a few dollars more a week.


Who Are You?

The Servicer

Are you concerned about the upcoming servicing costs of your vehicle? As your car ages, there are more maintenance items to attend to, like brakes and tyres - wear and tear items not covered under your Capped Price Service program.   

We will look at your current vehciles age & condition, and run through the expected maintence costs over the next few years.  It is all about full transparency, so you can make an informed decision. 


See yourself in any of these examples? Don't wait and contact our Lifecycle specialist today.